The Willowbank Service

Willowbank Facilities include:

Nursery Room
This room is where they are cared for in a bright stimulating playroom equipped to meet their changing needs.  They have a separate sleep room, so soothers and comfort objects are welcomed here.

Toddler room
Here they have a great selection of indoor and outdoor toys available to encourage learning through play.  They have access to sand and water play, painting activities, play dough, puzzles, books, dressing up and regular music sessions which help self-expression and communication skills.

Pre-school (3-4 yrs)
In here they are accommodated in a bright playroom structured for maximum development of physical, intellectual and emotional learning but importantly still have fun.

After school (p1 – p7)
They play and develop at their own pace and are encouraged to do their homework if their parents wish.

If your child is drinking formula milk please provide enough bottles for the day and if weaned we will give mashed up dinners if desired.  Staff take into account those with special diets or food allergies and provide breakfast for those who need it.  Included is a hot lunchtime meal and a morning / afternoon snack.  We promote healthy eating; therefore sweets will not be available but can be provided as treats on birthdays.

Valuable Toys
Although we encourage comfort toys with the younger children, please try to discourage your child from bringing special toys to the nursery as we cannot accept responsibility if they are lost or broken.

Please dress your child in non-restrictive clothes to assist with easy toileting, messy play is encouraged so it is advisable to wear older clothes as paint sometimes stains.  A change of clothes should be left at the nursery in case of accidents for all ages.  Please label your child’s belongings clearly.

Parents are asked to be punctual when collecting children at all times, the nursery closes at 6pm sharp and your co-operation would be greatly appreciated.
Smoking is not permitted in the nursery.